Expressions – “The Opposite Day”
by ‘Amelia Saeed’

Amelia Saeed
5th grader, a bright student, an emerging artist, a wonderful person who believes in enjoying life with friends, choosy in food, a caring sister and a loving daughter[hr]

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2 Comments for “Expressions – “The Opposite Day”
by ‘Amelia Saeed’”

Noor Rauf Rathore


There were so many of those days when I was little. That was fun. It was never explicit. We just knew it was opposite day and fell head first into the game. Maybe I’ll play it tomorrow. At work.


Good old memorable days of childhood! how freely children can play around with the perspective amazes me. Opposite day at work is in fact a great idea, I might try it one day, thanks for the cue and may you enjoy yours.
… and I shall ask Amelia to share her views here as well…

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